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Time Lords: Why Saturn Won’t Let Us Have Nice Things

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His zodiacal releasing from Daemon Spirit , which lies at 25 Cancer 23 natally, looks like this:. Note that on the day he died, the time lord steering his life switched from the Moon ruling Cancer to the Sun ruling Leo , thus activating the sign Leo, any planets in Leo, and the natal Sun in Aquarius in his birth chart Placidus houses :.

As you can see, when Leo and the Sun took over as time lords on the day of his death, the planet Mars Rx in Leo became activated. Mars rules his natal 8th of death and opposes Mercury, ruler of his 3rd of local travel — which could symbolize death in a car accident. The activation of the Sun, which is peregrine and in Aquarius the sign of its detriment and ruler of the unfortunate Placidus 6th house, is potentially problematic.

Being peregrine, the Sun relies on its dispositor Saturn, which is strong in Capricorn in the 10th. Not the generalized Sun-sign stuff that you find in newspapers and magazines, but serious astrology. Here are some tips to help you get started. News and information about what is going on in the astrological community, and in the world in general from an astrological perspective.

Lists of tips and guides for learning astrology or becoming more familiar with the world of astrology in general. I came across an interesting website today called firdaria. Each of the seven stars, and the Ascending and Descending Nodes, has certain determinate times, and each star administers to the native in accordance with its proper firdar.

The firdar of the Sun, then, is 10 years; of Aphrodite, 8; of Hermes, 13; of the Moon, 9; of Kronos, 11; of Zeus, 12; of Ares, 7; of the Ascending Node, 3; of the Descending Node, 2 — altogether, they are In the case of a diurnal nativity, then, the Sun takes the governorship of the first firdar, whether it should be present, then Aphrodite, then Hermes, then the Moon, then Kronos, in accordance with the order of their zones. In the case of nocturnal nativities, the Moon takes the first firdar, then Kronos, then Zeus, then Ares, in accordance with the prior order. So in this system you are starting with either the Sun or the Moon depending on if it is a day or night chart, and then you are assigning each of the planets a certain number of years.

This is where Firdaria.

Annual Profections: A Basic Time-Lord Technique

Transits are then used as the very last line in predictive work in order to act as triggers, or as more precise timing indicators. This is somewhat different than the modern approach to prediction which usually employs transits as the initial and primary means of forecasting.

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Most people seem to think that the system was developed by Persian astrologers at some point during the Medieval period. A Persian or Indian origin seems plausible to me since the nodes are assigned years in the timing scheme of this system, and for the majority of the Hellenistic tradition the nodes appear to have been somewhat neglected or downplayed. It was in the Indian tradition and then later the Persian tradition that the nodes were given great emphasis as particularly important bodies or points in the chart.

It looks like they just launched the site earlier this year and they plan to expand it in the future in order to include some additional techniques and systems, so we will have to keep an eye on them. For more background information on the Firdaria you can check out this great paper by Steven Birchfield , as well as this other article by Rob Hand. Article tags: Abu Ma'shar , Firdaria , Medieval astrology , time-lords. He offers personal consultations and teaches online classes through his website at www. Great tools these time lords: used with profections and transits they reveal a lot!

Oh, right, of course. I thought that you were referring to some sort of variation in the method of application for some reason. My mistake. For instance, if it is a 3rd house profection year, all planets that hand over to a planet 2 signs ahead he says are "active for the year" and it seems that he thinks that other handing's over are secondary.


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He has a few weird ideas such as if it's a 1st house profection year, that you should skip handing over to itself and hand over to the 2nd from that. At first thought, it makes it appear that one would have a 2nd house profection 2 years in a row, but my guess is that what is really happening is that the planet skips itself in such an instance and prepares for what is next. This might be because he thinks a planet handing over to itself doesn't have the same level of importance; not that it doesn't really happen at all.

The context seems to be a way of finding the most important profections and how to rank them. I think in terms of secondary considerations one looks at the place but that Valens would probably have thought it less "chrematistikos" telling He also says that a planet handing over to itself is always bad My guess is that he might be hinting toward some sort of timing consideration as he says that the order of timelordships is important, that they prepare the way ahead of time for both good and bad.

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Sometimes these don't always show up in the examples he uses and there are times when it seems that he breaks his own rules. Perhaps a careful reading of the examples will show which rules are most important. The decennials, Balbillus procedure, and several others are also similarly customized based upon planetary order. Schmidt suggested over 10 years ago that methods based upon the Moon might be more telling in nocturnal charts whereas methods based upon the Sun such as decennials are more telling in diurnal charts.

Schmidt said that some general time lord methods seem to be based upon a predomination argument and others are more topically specific. As such, he suggested that if the method based upon a predomination happens to fail that predomination test, theoretically another method should be used because as Valens would say it's a less telling method.

However, once a method wins the predomination test, there's no stopping it from delineating on topics because each planet will be an oikodektor and make requests of it's participating lord. For years Bob said that the goal is to render the periods intelligible so that "you know what you're looking at".

SIRIUS,Hellenistic Natal and Hellenistic Time Lords

Knowing what you're looking at comes from what Plato called the realm of the intelligibles which is part of the realm of Nous or divine mind. The way to make it so, is to focus on the Sameness instead of the Otherness between time lord periods. So ask yourself these common sense questions When comparing the current L2 Mars lunar quarter, is there any similar theme that was present in the previous L2 Mars lunar quarters?

The same can be done with all other time lord systems, but I suggest starting with the topically specific time lord systems such as ZR Fortune bodily issues, health and finances or ZR Spirit actions, reputation and focus of energy toward praxis.

Astrological Predictive Techniques | 1. Profections Intro

You might find that two periods are similar in time for a given issue, but it will be easier to see if you're focusing on a narrow range of manifestation such as "health" ZR Fortune. If you stick with general time lord systems, then I suggest looking at the house placement to see what topic that represents and look at how that topic might have a result or disposition coming from sub period lords and their aspect relation or lack thereof.

But if you're doing this, you're not necessarily looking at the Sameness between periods because it's likely that successive major period lords will not represent the same topics.

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Hellenistic astrology time lords

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