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Thanks in advance. Sir, Please enlighten about the below birth details O 09 Aug Chitradurga 6.

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He is having Jupiter retrograde with moon in 12 th house in saggitarius and 7 th lord moon in 12 th house and 8 th lord in 7 th house 5 th lord and 10 th lord Venus in 8th house and 6 th and 9 th lord in 8th house. I feel very sad when i look to my horoscope…I want spiritual truths and vows of sannyas….. I am born in tarus sign and my date of birth is Nither Jupiter nor ketu is in right place…but i want spirituality in my life…..

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  7. I want spirituality and celibacy but my birth chart says the irony…. Would you clarify the maharishi-rajarishi yoga from Brihat Jatakam? For example; 1st, 4th, 5th, and 9th lord in the 9th, with Jupiter in the 5th….

    Sanyasa yoga

    Would you be able to source this yoga? Also, a very popular yoga for this, the Lord of the Moon Rashi, aspecting Saturn without being aspected by any other planet: [here is it referencing saturn as not receiving any other aspect, or the moon lord as not receiving any aspect at all?

    Though my marriage was fixed a few times and received quite a few proposals regarding marriage. I was never married. Could you please what type of life should I consider without marriage. Also please confirm Sanyas yog which I believe I do possess. My Name is Madhavi Pulipati. DOB: Place of Birth: Bellary, Karnataka.

    Time of Birth: 6. Though family has been trying hard to get me married, they were not successful.


    I am still unmarried. Is there a marriage yoga for me or sanyas Yoga? Kindly confirm. Kindly tell me about the posibility my sannyas yoga because i am very much intersted in religious activity. Thanks a lot sirji, Debaditya. I am searching for a girl for getting married.

    Sanyasa yoga - Wikipedia

    How ever,I was told that I have sanyasi yoga.. What is your prediction? If I have,how should I go about with? I am interested to lead a family life. Please respond with your valuable suggestion. Thank u sir.

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    8. Also, about my professional life which is not working good. Sir, kya meri kundali ma sanyaas yog hai… 03 Aug 83…. Pranaam, For the last 10 years I am deeply inclined towards spirituality and Sanyaas. Though I was doing good professionally but left it midway because I was not getting satisfaction from it. I am unmarried and want to undertake path of Sanyaasin.

      Kindly, see if I have Sanyaas yoga in my kundali.


      Date of birth: 31 October , time of birth: p. Thanks and regards..

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      Family has been trying to get me married and unfortunately always has been with a zillion obstructions. None of the spiritual gurus have blessed me for the wedding but they smile. Question- do I really have such an yoga in the charts? If so when is the time for the yoga to kick in? Strange if it was so mathematical how come none of the astrologers so far have been able to tell me or my family about this. Hi sir, my dob is 13 07 time pm born in Shimoga Karnataka state pls can u tell that what my horoscope says I wants to become Sannyasi will u check and mail me regarding this matter.

      I do have a parvajya yoga and some one told me that it is very severe… To be honest, befr I knew astrology, I did actually felt like leaving home and start staying a life of a monk or a sage… Please tell me if the sanyas yogas or the parvajya yoga is promising in my case… Thank you. I am keep on thinking about sanyas… I am really looking for support of positive vibe that I can leave the house for moksha path..

      I was going to marry one person whose birth details as follows. Hello sir, I am religious and more interested towards spirituality… I am married and I got all happiness in my life… I got good education, family, own house, children everything.. But still my mind is not going in materialistic things and some what unfulfilled..

      Please tell me whether i hv moksha yoga and if i pursue towards it how much i will b successful. Which planet i nedd to pacify? I need your kind direction. Lagna :Virgo. Second house : Sun deblitated in Libra. Moon , Saturn and Rahu in seventh house in Pieces.

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      Is moksha possible in this life? What planet do I have to pacify to attain Moksha? Is hypnotism possible for me? Please guide as I want to further explore the hidden potentials and benefits I can reap with hard work sacrifice and dicipline to attain knowledge to deliver myself of worldly life. Dear sir, Oh …. I forgot to mention..

      Venus in scorpio. My name is Anita mahajan. I love spiritual book and activities. When I will attain moksha. Please suggest. Can any one tell whether this chart has sanyasa yoga? Is this person cannot carried out a normal life?.

      click Please Check this details. I am utsab, Dear sir, Is there sanysa yoga for me. I am married but frustrated in married life. Whan peace come to my life. I am a person who believe in god very highly. And I never want to be married. Please reply me fast sir. Do I hv sanyas yoga?

      Why is my life so much stressful. Feeling nothing. I want to give up everything. I want to take sanyaas. Do I have this yoga??? Staying in US — New Jersey. Very much interested in religion philosophy, now Sadhguru speeches. What is his future..

      Sanyasa Yoga or Pravrajya Yoga

      He is more interested to become a sanyasi. His consort is goddess Manda. Planet Shani as a planet appears in various Hindu astronomical texts in Sanskrit, such as the 5th century Aryabhatiya by Aryabhatta, the 6th-century Romaka by Latadeva and Pancha Siddhantika by Varahamihira, the 7th century Khandakhadyaka by Brahmagupta and the 8th century Sisyadhivrddida by Lalla.

      The dasha pattern shows which planets according to Jyotish will be ruling at particular times. The planetary periods indicate when the good or bad effects are produced according to their placement by sign Rasi , house Bhava , combinations Yogas or Raja Yogas or aspects Drishti. The Dasha Paddhati system of Directional Astrology is unique to the Hindus; it is found nowhere else.

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