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And I foresee a metaphorically comparable process unfolding for you in You'll undergo an incubation period that might feel cloaked and mysterious. That's just as it should be: the best possible circumstances for the vital new part of your life that will be growing.

So be patient. You'll see the tangible results in A prime example is the cattail, which grows wild in wetlands.

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Indigenous people ate the rootstock, stem, leaves, and flower spike. I propose that we use this scenario to serve as a metaphor for some of your potential opportunities in Things you've regarded as useless or irrelevant or inconvenient could be revealed as assets.

Be alert for the possibility of such shifts. Here's advice from Ralph Waldo Emerson: "What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered. Being persistent and thorough as you take one step at a time will provide you with the power to accomplish wonders. Now and then, you might be tempted to seek dramatic breakthroughs or flashy leaps of faith; and there might indeed be one or two such events mixed in with your steady rhythms. But for the most part, your glory will come through tenacity. Now study this advice from mystic Meister Eckhart: "Wisdom consists in doing the next thing you have to do, doing it with your whole heart, and finding delight in doing it.

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I'll go further and speculate that in one of those boxes will open as if through a magical fluke, without a need for the key. This mysterious blessing won't really be a magical fluke, but rather a stroke of well-deserved and hard-earned luck that is the result of the work you've been doing to transform and improve yourself. Tags: Free Will Astrology. Switch to the mobile version of this page. Salt Lake City Weekly. Horoscopes for Jan. Pin It. Favorite Saving….

About The Author Rob Brezsny comments cityweekly. I bring this to your attention, because I see as a year when the Janet Sobel-like aspects of your life will get their due. Overdue appreciation will arrive. Credit you have deserved but haven't fully garnered will finally come your way. You'll be acknowledged and recognized in surprising ways. LEO July Aug.

Now here's a surprise: in the northwest corner of Wyoming, the North Two Ocean Creek divides into two tributaries, one of which ultimately flows to the Pacific and one that reaches the Gulf.

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So an enterprising fish could conceivably swim from one ocean to the other via this waterway. I propose that we make North Two Ocean Creek your official metaphor for It will symbolize the turning point you'll be at in your life; it will remind you that you'll have the power to launch an epic journey in one of two directions.

With this in mind, I offer you observations from wise people who have studied the subject. Perfectionism is "the high-end version of fear. He was ten years old. His year-old half-sister Sophia had a hole cut in the back of his side of the dual throne. That way she could sit behind him, out of sight, and whisper guidance as he discussed political matters with allies.

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I'd love it if you could wangle a comparable arrangement for yourself in Are there wise confidants or mentors or helpers from whom you could draw continuous counsel? Seek them out.

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They enable the sound that resonates inside the instrument to be projected outwardly. A thousand years ago, the earliest ancestor of the modern violin had round holes. Later they became half-moons, then c-shaped, and finally evolved into the f-shape. Why the change? Scientific analysis reveals that the modern form allows more air to be pushed out from inside the instrument, thereby producing a more powerful sound.

My analysis of your life in suggests it will be a time to make an upgrade from your metaphorical equivalent of the c-shaped holes to the f-shaped holes. A small shift like that will enable you to generate more power and resonance. But she has also had failures. Top recording artists like Adele and Shakira have commissioned her to write songs for them only to subsequently turn down what she created. In , Sia got sweet revenge.

To earn the right to soar through the heights in November and December, delve as deep as you can in the coming weeks. Shouldn't they be completely obvious?

My second response was, why do you need courage to bring forth the treasures? Shouldn't that be the easiest and most enjoyable task imaginable? Everything you just read is a perfect riddle for you to contemplate during the next 14 months, Sagittarius. Is it OK if I apply those same adjectives to you, Capricorn? I'd like to add a few more, as well: resplendent, delightful, intriguing, magnetic, and incandescent.

I hope that in response you don't flinch with humility or protest that you're not worthy of such glorification. According to my astrological analysis, now is one of those times when you deserve extra appreciation for your idiosyncratic appeal and intelligence.

Your Weekly Horoscopes Are Here. And Things Are Looking Good, Capricorn.

Tell your allies and loved ones that I said so. Inform them, too, that giving you this treatment could help mobilize one of your half-asleep potentials. I myself regard it as a hypothesis worthy of intelligent consideration, although I'd need hundreds of pages to explain my version of it. However you imagine it, Aquarius, you now have extra access to knowledge and skills and proclivities you possessed in what we might refer to as your "past lives"—especially in those past lives in which you were an explorer, maverick, outlaw, or pioneer.

I bet you'll feel freer and more experimental than usual during the next four weeks. Will you be more inclined to respond by constructing walls or windmills?

Free Will Astrology

I don't think it would be foolish for you to favor the walls, but in the long run I suspect that windmills would serve you better. Willamette Week. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on LinkedIn. Share on Email. Share on Pinterest.

capricorn rob brezsny horoscope Capricorn rob brezsny horoscope
capricorn rob brezsny horoscope Capricorn rob brezsny horoscope
capricorn rob brezsny horoscope Capricorn rob brezsny horoscope
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capricorn rob brezsny horoscope Capricorn rob brezsny horoscope
Capricorn rob brezsny horoscope

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