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Enlarge Image. Jussie Smollett Getty Images. More from: Michelle Malkin.

Politicians are ignoring far more wasteful projects than Trump's wall. Smollett-Bell and another sister, Jazz Smollett-Warwell, worked for the Obama campaigns in and and volunteered as tireless surrogates. Tchen was listed in White House visitor logs as having met there with left-wing billionaire George Soros.

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How The Post found key evidence in the Jussie Smollett case. Share Selection. Maureen Callahan. Bob McManus. Miranda Devine. Today's Cover. More Stories.

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In a statewide poll of registered voters, forty-six percent of New York voters believe Sen. Rodham Clinton did something unethical but not illegal in connection with the pardons. The book is entitled "Living History. After a long and grueling race against other Democratic contenders, she pulled ahead of all except Barack Obama. She withdrew from the Presidential race with a formal announcement on 4 June President-elect Barack Obama officially named her as his choice for Secretary of State on 1 December On her way to a meeting at the White House on 17 June , she fell and fractured her right elbow.

The next day she underwent surgery to repair the fracture. In December she suffered from a blood clot behind her ear near the brain.


She fully recovered, and on 1 February she handed in her resignation as secretary of state. On 13 June , she started an election campaign to become president of the US in the November elections. She thus became the first female candidate to be nominated for president by a major U. As part of her platform, she emphasized raising incomes, improvements to the Affordable Care Act and reform of campaign finance and Wall Street. She favored allowing pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, expanding and protecting LGBT and women's rights, and instituting family support through paid parental leave and universal preschool.

Clinton was defeated by her Republican rival Donald Trump on 8 November Link to Wikipedia biography. Link to Astrodienst discussion forum. Celeste Longacre quotes her for 8 PM. I have used this data for years since before Bill became the presidential candidate the first time and I received it from a very dear friend and good client who knew them well whose identity I cannot reveal. However Eileen Applegate quotes an article from the Chicago Sun Times stating, "Her mother went into Edgewater hospital after midnight and Hillary was born early on the morning of October 26th.

In an article in "Horoscope" magazine, November , by Frances C. Basil Fearrington relates in January , "A musician friend of mine played in the Democratic fund raiser for Al Gore in Manhattan this past summer. Afterwards he got a chance to talk to Hillary. Knowing my on-going love affair with astrological data he is a student of mine , he asked Hillary what time she was born.

Her exact words were, " I know it was very close to 8 AM, minutes before or after. Webuser Cmatr aol. Alice Mason called on January 16, to report that she had talked to the Clinton Democratic Office in NY and was told by a helpful associate who wished to remain nameless that Hillary Clinton was born at a recorded AM. In August , a source who wishes to remain anonymous wrote: "I had asked Hillary Clinton whether she was born at 8 PM; she replied " I think so".

Earlier I had asked her, her time of birth and she kept mum]. The AstroDatabank website comments on her chart include an unverified claim from Zayin Cohen claiming to be quoting from birth certificate saying "I can say that I have the correct Birth Time.

She told me she had a conversation with Hillary about how they have the same astrology-both Scorpios with Pisces moons and both Leo rising. I haven't seen a time that gives Hillary a Leo ascendant but that's what she says she has. It definitely negates the am time and adds to the confusion. Zayin Cohen then claimed the time he had actually found was He said it was incorrectly reported on ADB and elsewhere.

It is rumored that he will confirm Cohen's report. Update 11 Nov In a text exchange with Patrick Wilson in August , Zayin Cohen now claimed to have seen a birth certificate with the time His claims carry the smell of'fake news'. On 29 Sep.

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  • I believe it is the long sought-after article that Francis McEvoy and others have referred to and apparently also mis-quoted. It was found on August 15, while I was researching this with the reference desk of the Chicago Public Library, that has the Sun Times on computer for many years in the past. The important and pertinent part is approx 10 lines down where it states that Hillary's mother arrived at the hospital "early" and that Hillary was born 12 hours later.

    This obviously implies a PM birth and not AM, as has long been inferred by astrologers. I personally contacted Lynn Sweet, who wrote the article and she is still working for the Sun Times and now their chief correspondent in Washington DC.

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    I spoke with her twice on the phone and questioned her about her sources on the article. Unfortunately, too much time has passed and she can no longer remember how she determined that Dorothy Rodham arrived "early", or even what exactly "early" means.

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    Sweet did not interview Hillary or her mother for the article but she does vaguely remember reading the 12 hour labor info from some sort of document, which she remembered as the birth document.

    chicago sun times horoscope march 8 Chicago sun times horoscope march 8
    chicago sun times horoscope march 8 Chicago sun times horoscope march 8
    chicago sun times horoscope march 8 Chicago sun times horoscope march 8
    chicago sun times horoscope march 8 Chicago sun times horoscope march 8
    chicago sun times horoscope march 8 Chicago sun times horoscope march 8

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