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As you listen to the words on this tape, you participate in the retreat. To "retreat" means to step back - not only from the outer world, but also from the world in your head, the thinking mind. Allow the sound of the words to take you beyond words and beyond sound to the stillness within. Fingerprints of the Gods is the revolutionary rewrite of history that has persuaded millions of listeners throughout the world to change their preconceptions about the history behind modern society.

An intellectual detective story, this unique history audiobook directs probing questions at orthodox history, presenting disturbing new evidence that historians have tried - but failed - to explain. The end of the Mayan calendar triggers the dawning of the Age of Light, signaling the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, when mankind will make a great a great evolutionary leap forward.

And a group of enlightened beings known as the Pleiadians will be there to guide us, according to astrologer and spiritual teacher Barbara Head Clow, who channels the voice of Satya, a Pleiadian goddess. Satya says Earth is the stage for a cosmic drama unfolding simultaneously across 9 dimensions.

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The chakras are energy bodies that are located along the length of your spine. Starting with the first chakra known as your Root Chakra, which is located at the base of your spine, and ending at your seventh chakra which is known as your Crown Chakra and is located at the top of your head. The chakras provide you with powerful knowledge when it comes to healing yourself and maintaining a healthful well-being in general.

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When they operate at optimal rates, they bring great health and wellness to your life. When ancient people first sought to explain the mysteries of their own lives, they looked to the heavens. There, they saw a perfect reflection linking them directly with an omniscient universe. The study of the stars and the study of the psyche comprised a single science - astrology - that led C. Jung to describe astrology as "the first form of psychology". Visionary Activist Astrology escorts you through the mists of time to our own century, when science has verified what ancient people knew instinctively: All life and all matter is universally connected.

With wit and scholarship, author Caroline W. Casey offers a new vision of astrology and its language, using a rich, detailed system of symbols and mythic archetypes to describe the key relationships underpinning all of creation. Join this respected authority and see how the heavens overhead offer a valid psychological system for understanding the larger forces that shape our universe - and your unique destiny.

More than nine hours of detailed personal instruction cover:.

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Visionary Activist Astrology is a guided tour of the unlimited potentials outside your window - and within your own spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed this work.. Rich with mythological and historical references, and yet shared with an open mind that says I listened to this from start to finish in one day.

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  8. A beautiful mix of astrology and mythology which was easy to listen to and apply to modern day life in an intelligent and grounded way. I really enjoyed this book. I have listened to it a number of times now and it is so full of stories and info I'm sure I will listen to it many more times. The author is clearly passionate about the topic and is a wonderful story teller.

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    For anyone interested in archetypes or astrology I would highly recommend. You will maybe enjoy it more if you have previous knowledge of astrology.

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    However, the stories are great, helpful, and inspiring, and the characteristics of my sign fully coincide with what I am. It's a good book; maybe I will study astrology in the future. A great, unconventional yet accurate and highly educational book on astrology. If you're seeking a generic summary of astrology, this isn't the book for you. However, if you want to delve deeper into the dance of the Universe and Humanity, you've come to the right place..

    I honestly didn't expect an astrology book of poetic philosophy so beautifully written and read. It was actually meditative for me. The frequency kinda slowed me down in a good way. Plus it was filled with so much great insight that could have only been generated from one who has spent countless of hours, days and years to self discovery. One who knows the planets reflect us as we do them. The planets come alive with so much character. I also loved all of the little tidbits of knowledge occasionally here and there from different culture, history and mythology.

    Well done to the author. I realised how much depth the mythological stories , regarding each season and planet, vibrates within our divine souls, Wow!!!! An incredible author Her whimsical, yet potent style reeled and held me captive I understood more of the "As above , So below" concept. Or" as it is in heaven" phrase in our tradition prayers I will refer to this book again especially during the sacred Soltices Thank You!!!!

    I loved everything about this book. If you add this item to your wish list we will let you know when it becomes available. On Visionary Activist Astrology, Casey introduces a wide new audience to her unique approach to astrology and the larger forces that shape our universe -- and our unique destinies. With wit and intelligence, Casey offers a fresh vision of astrology that combines symbols and archetypes with the essential tools of psychology.

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    Sign by sign, in 12 complete lessons, Casey explains the hidden connections and potentials between our inner and outer worlds. With instructions for making and reading a celestial chart -- and meditations for navigating our own "miniature cosmos" -- Visionary Activist Astrology marries the study of the stars and the study of the psyche into a single life-changing program.

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    Instead, we simply need to learn to use the power with which we are already endowed, and which is constantly replenished as it flows through us in acts of attention. The Moon also governs our inner tides of feelings and moods. She reminds us that extroversion and introversion — animation and retreat — are both necessary for a complete emotional life.

    As the Moon waxes from new to full, we ride the tide out to initiate new projects. As the Moon wanes from full to the next new phase, we surf back to shore. During this time we sift, distill and complete projects inaugurated on the outgoing tide. The Sun is the central heartbeat, the energetic, animating force of all life. As the Sun passes through each sign of the zodiac, it brings that image-force alive, as well as the presiding god of that sign and season.

    The planets all reflect the light of the Sun, so at each important solar celebration, the Sun shines most strongly through the presiding planetary force of that time. By joining in these celebrations, we have an opportunity to participate in remaking ourselves and recreating the world.

    Caroline Casey Interviews Daniel Giamario

    The Sun speaks to each aspect of our personality, awakening its loving and magical potency. The Outer Planets will also be covered within the modules and they will be partnered with each of their planetary hosts sequentially. Pluto works in three phases. Phase one is disruption of the outer world, which catalyzes descent into the Underworld.

    Phase two is not-knowing. Phase three is the surge of authenticity that occurs as the soul rededicates itself to its remembered mission. The more we cooperate with the process, the faster we move through the sequence.

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